Johnson County RFD #1's History

Following an informational meeting          
at the Johnson County Courthouse           
on April 26, 1979 concerning a plan           
for rural fire protection in Johnson            
County by the formation of several            
rural fire districts, approximately 28           
people met at the Mt. Vernon                     
community building in the first                  
meeting in the county for the                     
express  purpose of organizing a fire        

Present to explain the plan were                
Stewart Willey, Johnson County                
coordinator for the state OES, and             
Ray Wakefield, district forester from          
the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

All those present at the meeting                
expressed a desire to proceed with           
the organization of a fire district, and        
Rural Fire District No. 1 was formed.         
Fred Taylor and Wayne Roble                    
volunteered to act as co-chairman,            
and James Foltz agreed to act as               
secretary and the three became the           
first members of the board of                     
directors. Armil Storms, Stanley                
Brown and Bud Schoepp elected at           
the following meeting. Ray Ford later        
was elected to replace Stanley                   
Brown whose one year term had                

Membership fee was set at $10 per            
household with the feeling that                 
additional funds could be obtained           
from private donations and fund                
raising events. At subsequent                    
meetings, committees were formed,          
many members were signed up and          
by October more than 25 men and             
women had signed up as volunteer           

A site selection committee                         
consisting  of Ewell Sexton, Bob               
Leeds and Armil Curran was named,         
and in January 1980 announced the          
selection of a site just west of the              
Mt. Vernon community building on           
community-owned property.
Immediate plans were made for the           first of
many fund raising events.              Work was
immediately stated on the         fire station, and, at
a general                      membership meeting held
May 21,             1980, announcement was made
that          a fire truck had been turned over
to           Fire District No. 1 and Fire Chief Ray         
Ford announced that training                    sessions
would be held for volunteer        firefighters every
Monday night.

            To be continued....
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