Johnson County RFD #1's Annual Dues Information
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                      DUES FOR RFD #1

Current Annual dues for RFD # 1 is $40.00. There is also a one-
time membership fee of $10.00 for new members. Thereafter, it
is the regular annual dues amount each year.

Annual dues for the RFD # 1 are to be paid in January and will
expire on December 31st of that same year. Any dues sent later
in the year will still expire on December 31st.  

Notices are sent in January to property owners listed in our
district at the Johnson County tax assessor’s office as of
November 1st of the previous year. We try not to miss anyone,
however, if you do not receive a statement we still need you to
pay your dues.  

Please send your dues to:

RFD # 1
186 County Road 3546
Clarksville, AR 72830

You may also pay the dues at the Johnson County Tax Collector’
s office in the Johnson County Courthouse.

Your insurance company should ask for proof of dues paid in
order to give you a better rate. At this time RFD # 1 has an ISO
rating of Class 9.  

The fire department operates primarily on annual dues from the
residence in the district and we appreciate your support!!!  

Please send your dues in January so that we can plan our
budget for the year.

RFD # 1 firefighters are all volunteers. There is no
compensation for our time for helping our community.

For more information please call 479-754-6052.

Thank you very much!!
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Johnson County RFD #1
186 CR 3546  *  Clarksville, Arkansas  72830

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